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About Winter Cha​nel Cosmetics​​

  Wi​nter Chanel Cosmetics is constantly evolving and going beyond thanks to ​our valued beauties. With special made products made for you, inspired by you. Continue to be beautiful and go beyond with Winter Chanel Cosmetics.


Check out  our Mink Collection 

3D/5D  Mink Lashes look stunning and dramatic. They are very soft, not hard. There's adhesive on the band.

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Crush Lip Gloss goes on lightly colored and leaves lips smooth. For a long lasting look.

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Crush Lip Gloss


8 Shade Glitter Palette

8 shade Glitter Palette. 

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Winter Body Care Bundle Bath Bomb, Body Lotion, & Body Wash

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NEW! Shea Butter Body Care

Bath Bomb, Body Lotion, & Body Wash